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Michael Owens

Software Engineer


  • JavaScript, jQuery, Backbone, Durandal, CSS, HTML, Bootstrap, Express, Node, postgreSQL, Java, C, C++, Objective-C, iOS, R


    June 2015 - Current SugarCRM - Cupertino - Software Engineer Intern
    Working on SugarCRM's shared component team.

    Feb 2015 - June 2015 Tradecraft - San Francisco - 16 intense weeks developing software engineering skills in a cross functional environment to succeed in high-growth startups
    Learned - Node, Backbone, Heroku, Testing, postgresSQL, iOS
    Improved - Javascript, jQuery
      March 2015 - Github meets wikipedia for the 4 track tech bootcamp, Tradecraft (Engineering, Product Design, Sales & BD, and Growth)
      • Stored website content, users, and permissions using postgreSQL
      • Defined endpoints and database query calls using node.js to supply backbone models with data
      • Setup MVP architecture and handlebars as a template engine using backbone to easily call data from JSON object
      May 2015 Mentos - Booking speakers and creating google events made easy
      • Implemented oauth 2.0 in Express to access google calendar api to create events filled in with dynamic data on behalf of the user
      • Used node.js and google spreadsheets api to manage user inputted data; to read from a google spreadsheet and display its data on a styled web page and to take user's input from a google form to write to a spreadsheet.

    Feb 2015 - Current Independent Developer

    • Step App - Tool for recruiter to facilitate recruiting process for Developers and PMs

    Feb 2014 - Oct 2014 UC Davis Medical Center Wan Lab - used R to generate heat maps and perform correlation studies on the ratio of gut microbiota to gene expression

    Jan 2013 - Sept 2013 UC Davis Pamela Ronald Lab

    May 2012 - Sept 2012 Peking Union Medical College Zhang Lab - used R to perform genetic analysis on human samples at China's #1 medical school

    Jan-May 2009 Berkeley Starcraft website

    • First website reached ~300k page views and was referenced on Wired and Kotaku
    • Regular content updates


    Feb 2015 - Present Software Engineering and Web Application Programming at Tradecraft

    Sep 2009 - Sept 2014 B.S. Genetics, University of California, Davis
    • Programming and Problem Solving - Wrote projects in C
    • Software Development and Object-Oriented Programming - Wrote projects in C++
    • Computer Organization and Programming - Wrote projects in assembly
    • Computer Structure and Assembly Language - Wrote projects in MIPS
    • Data Structures and Programming - Wrote data structures in C++
    • Theory of Computation
    • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence - Wrote AI in Java

Interests and Side Projects

  • iOS app - Pitch-Perfect

    An app that uses iOS 8 AVFoundation to record a message and play the audio back through user-selected filters.
  • Judo

    Competed for 4 years on national and state levels