Step App - Tool for recruiter to facilitate recruiting process for Developers and PMs

Mentos - Scheduling speakers made easy

  • Implemented google oauth in node.js to require domain to gain access to content
  • Used google spreadsheet API to manage user input and site data
  • Created easy export to google calendar button from user input

Traction - Github meets Wikipedia for Tradecraft. Worked in a team of 3 to:

  • Design and implement the data model in postgres SQL.
  • Wrote the endpoints in node.js and express.
  • Implemented backbone and handlebars to handle Front-End dynamic views.
  • Hosted on heroku

Side Projects and Blog posts

  1. How to get a job in a tech startup
  2. Google Spreadsheet API and AVFoundation
    • Read rows from a public google spreadsheet and display on a page
    • Pitch Perfect - record and playback sounds with added effects!


I am a curious and eccentric human who loves hard problems. My current interest lies in web Front-End development, but I also dabble in back end as well. When I'm not redditing or reading Medium, I enjoy adventuring. Currently interning at SugarCRM.